Saturday, March 26, 2022

Not on the road: How is she?

 My Triumph has been leaking oil at an alarming rate. I was leaving a trail pretty much whenever I drove. 

The real problem is that I keep her in an attached garage and the smell, despite the absorbent sand the other tricks, continued to leak into the house. The missus was not pleased.  

So I took her to the garage and said, what do we have to do? Let's clean the engine, run it a little, and identify the main leak.


Triumph vitesse engine inspection

Triumph vitesse engine gasket set

Problem: it turns out that there are a ton of leaks.  So we've bought from Moss a complete set of gaskets and they're going to do the whole thing. Take out the engine, change all the gaskets, add some silicon sealant at the obvious problem spots, and then try to reassemble.  

It's been in the garage for two to three weeks but this is the week that they'll get to it. 

Wish us luck.....

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Not on the road: How is she?