Sunday, December 26, 2021

Fuelfed Coffee and Classics: Todays Ft Lauderdale Stars IMHO

 On the last Sunday of each month, I get up early and drive my Triumph Vitesse to the Ft Lauderdale Fuelfed Coffee and Classics get-together. It's two hours of from 30-100 cars parked together as people chat and oogle each others cars. 

Part of the fun is never knowing what is going to show up.  In my case, it's a huge educational experience where I can ask some serious experts about how and what I should be doing for my car.

The two most amazing cars to me today were distinguished by astonishing engines.  

One was an AutoUnion car, a German brand that I had had never heard of before.  This AutoUnion car might be the only one in the USA. It's a 1961 modeled like the Firebird which was brought over recently by the owner (a Brit) who bought it in Germany. It has - I can't really believe it - a three cylinder two stroke engine!  Apparently, this engine was adapted and used in other cars for a decade and the brand (look at the four circles) developed somehow into the modern Audi.

A two stroke three cyclinder engine

The other car with an amazing engine was a gorgeous MG, all silver. It had a rotary engine in it (I don't think original). Anyone else remember the Wankel engine that Mazda pushed so hard in the 1970s or 80s? Same idea.

A Rotary Engine

Other than that, I mostly paid attention to my Triumph Vitesse, Paul's baby blue Triumph TR4, and Hamptons brown mid body engine Fiat.

Thanks as usual to Martin for organizing it: 

This week, my focus was on dealing with my fuel leak from my Stromberg carburetors plus getting a mirror and seatbelts onto the car and getting the horn working.  Hampton pushed me to LBCarCo as a great place to buy parts like a kit from my carburetors. I'm also trying to buy seat belts and a side mirror for the right right. Plus a convex insert for the side mirrors to improve visibility. Another short term project is to get my horn working.

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  1. The January Coffee and Cars had a coffee trailer: Huge upgrade. Still no toilets. That's probably why people come late and leave promptly. It was full of Porsches and I'm sure they're nice but.... The highlight for me was a GTX which has the Triumph Vitesse engine it but all souped up for racing. For example: three carburators!!!


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